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“The Beautiful” is a song of hope and mourning for a broken homeland.


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Praise for Lucid Stories, Tentative Lies:

“I was singing along from the second listen.”

Stefan Wenger, Music Suitcase blogger and KOWS (West Sonoma County, CA) Music for Troublemakers host

Praise for Lucid Stories, Tentative Lies:

“Sharp, cogent lyrics with a stealth profundity that sneaks up on you after you listen and the songs are marinating in your memory.”

– John Hammel, Homegrown RadioNJ

Praise for Lucid Stories, Tentative Lies:

“Jessica Smucker is an original; a real artist with a cohesive message, a drop-dead gorgeous voice that is all her own. Her background in poetry gives her lyrics a specificity and depth. Each time I listen to ‘When I Was the Weather’ I hear something new, the way I do when I listen to Joni Mitchell or Bob Dylan. She is that good.”

– Nerissa Nields, singer/songwriter (The Nields)

Praise for Tumbling After:

“This is one of the best CDs I have in my collection. Period. Masterfully done.”

– Mike Males, My Rural Radio

Praise for Tumbling After:

“It’s a truly special record…not just good…really has me drawn in.”

 – Brian McCloskey, Foul Rift Productions